Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Fri Apr 4 12:58:34 CST 2003

(I suppose I should actually attach the file ... ;-)  )

OK - here's a ZIP file with mashvtc.exe and a ZIP file with the source.

What you have to do is use mashvtc instead of vtc for both the display and 
the video streams.  Use it exactly like you would vtc.  What I did was 
massaged the output from the bridge to give mash the appropriate input 
parameters.  You need to still use the original vtc for the RAT.

I haven't done a LOT of testing on this, and others are welcome to extend 
and/or fix.


At 11:53 AM 4/4/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Randy,
>Sounds cool!
>- Jennifer
>Randy Groves wrote:
>>Yes you can use VTC on a PIG, but it requires some modifications.  I did 
>>this a bit ago, and until you mentioned it in this note, I'd 
>>forgotten.  There are problems with what the bridge returns, and what I 
>>ended up doing is creating a special version of vtc for mash.  I'll look 
>>back at my machine and see if the changes are portable.  I may just be 
>>able to send out the modified vtc with instructions.
>>At 02:44 PM 4/2/2003 -0500, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman wrote:
>>>My understanding (perhaps limited) is that one cannot use VTC on a PIG. 
>>>You may want to look into whether QuickBridges could be made available 
>>>for the sessions you will participate in, since QuickBridge and PIG play 
>>>together quite nicely.
>>>- Jennifer
>>>Gheni Abla wrote:
>>>>I am trying to setup a PIG. While our network people are working on
>>>>multicast and firewall issues, I wanted to feed my PIG with unicast
>>>>connection using multisession bridge.
>>>>I registered it and got bridge access approved. I downloaded, installed
>>>>vtc into C:\ag\agapps\bin and added this directory to the path variable.
>>>>Then I started virtual venues, entered JackFrostRoom and saw following
>>>>bridge assignments:
>>>>audio: vtc JackFrostRoom_audio bridge-2.accessgrid.org audio display: 
>>>>vtc JackFrostRoom_video bridge-2.accessgrid.org display video: vtc 
>>>>JackFrostRoom_video bridge-2.accessgrid.org video
>>>>Then, I executed the following command: C:\ag\agapps\bin>vtc 
>>>>JackFrostRoom_audio bridge-2.accessgrid.org audio connected to bridge 
>>>>vtconnect meeting_name bridge_address password
>>>>But, it didn't start an instance of rat. Other vtc commands for display
>>>>and video generated same message, but didn't start anything.
>>>>What is wrong with my PIG?
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