[AG-TECH] Reminder : SURA Computational Chemistry Workshop(October 7 & 8, 2002)

Vikram Gazula gazula at ccs.uky.edu
Mon Sep 30 10:01:52 CDT 2002

SURA Computational Chemistry Workshop
"Software Solutions to Large Scale Problems in Computational Chemistry"
University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
October 7 & 8, 2002

The theme of the conference will be to examine alternatives for mapping
computational chemistry software on to the new generation of Terascale
machines.  For example, the National Science Foundation is building the
ETF (Extended Terascale Facility) sometimes known as the Teragrid, which
will consist of thousands of processors connected by a 40 Gigabit network
with links of several thousands of miles between sites.  The key question
for computational chemistry is "Will future computational chemistry be
able to take advantage of the Teragrid to solve very large scale

This conference will examine current and future computational chemistry
techniques and software, such as quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics,
materials research, biology and bioinformatics. Several of the leading
researchers in these fields have committed to attend and make
presentations, either in Lexington or over the Internet through the use of
the Access Grid Network..  See the following web site for details.



Please note the above Conference will be broadcast live on the Access
Remote sites interested to participate are requested to send me a mail
for me to schedule a test cruise before the conference.

Vikram Gazula
Center for Computational Sciences
University of Kentucky

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