[AG-TECH] [SEMINAR] "The Access Grid Toolkit 2.0" Ivan Judson (Wed 10/2/02)

Lawrence A. Rowe Rowe at bmrc.berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 28 11:58:07 CDT 2002

BERKELEY MIG SEMINAR (http://bmrc.berkeley.edu/mig)

Seminar: "The Access Grid Toolkit 2.0"
Speaker: Ivan Judson (Argonne National Laboratory)
Date/Time: Wed Oct 2, 2002 12:00-1:30 PDT (8-9:30 PM GMT)
Place: 405 Soda Hall, UC Berkeley
Webcast: http://bmrc.berkeley.edu/bibs/instance?prog=1&group=25&inst=858


The Access Grid creates a scalable, extensible infrastructure that is 
capable supporting individual interactions and group interactions. 
The Access Grid can be decomposed into Virtual Venues, Access Grid
Users, and Services. Virtual Venues are persistent digital places that 
are connected together to create navigable topologies. Like rooms in 
the physical world, these spaces provide a scope for interactions and
collaboration. The persistent nature of the Virtual Venues makes it
possible for users to leave things in the Venue and have confidence they
will be 
able to return later and be able to find what was left. Within the
Grid, users are capable of interacting with the users and things found
with the Virtual Venues in an individual manner. Access Grid Nodes are
physical spaces, augmented with digital media and computing technology,
that provide
groups of users with shared resources and capabilities. Services
capabilities that can reside in four logical places, the Virtual Venues, 
Access Grid Nodes, users or via the network. 

The Access Grid is now 3 years old, version 1.0 has been in use for over 
a year and 2.0 is on the verge of existance. I will review the lessons
learned from 1.0 and present the architecture and development plan for 
the Access Grid Toolkit 2.0.

* Ivan Judson is a member of the Access Grid development team
responsible for overall architecture of the system.


Ivan will be giving the presentation remotely using the Access Grid
technology.  We will present the seminar locally at Berkeley in the
usual classroom. We will also recapture and transmit the other webcasts
we normally produce (i.e., Mbone, NCast, Real Networks, and RTPtv).  We
will also show the seminar in the BMRC/Citris Access Grid colab (326
Soda Hall) so you can get direct experience with an Access Grid

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