[AG-TECH] AG Grid dream system

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Sep 27 14:45:45 CDT 2002

Ok, shameless plug.

Monday we'll start our 3 talks on 2.0, which will address this issue
from both sides (high and low end systems).


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> Hi Don,
> > It's interesting to hear all the comments about AG 
> enhancements.  At 
> > the same time, I would humbly suggest that "the other end" is very 
> > important, too.  Given that most of the Earth's population 
> has minimal 
> > to no network bandwidth, what kinds of things can we do to make an 
> > AG-like environment available to those who have been "left out?" I 
> > think it's interesting that much of this could be attacked 
> by asking 
> > the question, "what kinds of things can we do to make an AG-like 
> > environment available at home?"  Clearly, bandwidth is the limiting 
> > factor - can we find ways to work with these constraints, 
> and can we 
> > do so in a way that somehow integrates with the high-level features 
> > suggested in previous messages?
> I agree, and I think this is where the casual interaction 
> within an AG will happen. If you look at the CSCW research, 
> casual interaction is fundamental to how we communicate and 
> work. You can't have casual interaction if you have to go to 
> a physical AG room to participate. If you want the AG to be a 
> communication medium that supports such an interaction style 
> then you have to be able to support the lower end 
> technologies. In some ways this moves away from the original 
> AG concept of multi-camera, multi-display systems but I think 
> this is an increasingly important area to consider...
> Oddly enough, we were testing out the QuickBridge the other 
> day (works great by the way) and I fired up a test from home. 
> I was only receiving video (not
> sending) and I certainly can't claim to have done extensive 
> tests, but the video streams that I was receiving (only a 
> couple of course) worked fine. This is a very interesting 
> area to explore!!!
> Cheers,
> 	Brian

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