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Gregory Bell GRBell at lbl.gov
Fri Sep 20 11:26:07 CDT 2002


We've debugged numerous Cisco multicast bugs on four platforms (4500,
7500, 8540, 6500) in the last few months.  I have the bug IDs and
symptoms in a spreadsheet, which I'd be happy to send you.  Several of
the bugs caused common multicast packets (eg, PIM or IGMP) to "wedge"
the input-buffer queues of backbone interfaces.  Feel free to call me at
510 / 486-6817 if you want to discuss.

- Greg

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"Maat, Steve" wrote:

> We are still having problems with one of our core routers giving up
> the ghost when running multicast over the network.
> Cisco is involved and seems to think it's bandwidth related or
> possibly a buffer overrun, I have not even started VIC or RAT yet. I
> start the client and after a couple minutes I can see our site
> measurements on the Beacon server. The measurements looks close to
> what everybody else has, but after about 10-15 minutes the router
> stops passing all traffic.
> How much traffic does the multicast beacon generate?
> Stephen Maat
> Winston-Salem State University

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