[AG-TECH] CVE2002 - last call for participation

Chris Greenhalgh cmg at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Fri Sep 20 09:45:25 CDT 2002

Please find below details of ACM Collaborative Virtual Environments 
2002, 30th Sept.-2nd Oct. 2002, and the assciated Fifth Workshop on 
Systems Aspects of Sharing a Virtual Environment.

Please pass on to any interested parties; apologies for duplicates received.

Advance registration runs through to 25th Sept., and on site 
registration is also available.

Chris Greenhalgh
CVE2002 Programme Co-chair & Workshop Co-organiser
ACM CVE Collaborative Virtual Environments 2002

Bonn, Germany
September 30-October 2, 2002


A CVE is a computer-based, distributed, virtual space or set of places. 
In such places, people can meet and interact with others, with agents, 
or with virtual objects. CVE 2002 is an international conference 
dedicated to the design, development and use of collaborative virtual 
environments. Previous CVE conferences have attracted delegates from 
computer science, artificial intelligence, psychology, communication, 
sociology, education, art, architecture & urban planning, and cultural & 
media studies.

CVE 2002 will feature exhibits, papers and posters on a variety of 
research topics, a panel on whether 3D is important for CVEs, and 2 
full-day workshops on Storytelling in Collaborative Virtual Environments 
and Systems Aspects of Sharing a Virtual Environment. Lunches and a gala 
dinner in the Birlinghoven Castle is included in the registration.
Keynote speakers include the 2002 Hugo Award winner Victor Vinge 
addressing When Cyberspace Leaks into the Real World, and the executive 
producer of 
Americas Army
 Michael Capps discussing Collaborative 
Virtual Entertainment (If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?)
Join us in designing the future of online collaborations! Meet us in 
Bonn, Germany for CVE 2002!

Visit our conference website today for exhibition information, 
registration and lodging! http://www.cve2002.org

      *Workshop on Systems Aspects of
      Sharing a Virtual Environment*


Dr. Michael Capps, Naval Postgraduate School, USA
Dr. Chris Greenhalgh, University of Nottingham, UK

        *Workshop theme and background*

In this workshop we aim to bring together a focused group of world-class 
researchers and developers who are working on collaborative virtual 
environment systems and platforms. The workshop is intended to be a 
forum for: checkpointing the state of the art, sharing experiences with 
technologies and techniques, and considering new influences that are 
emerging in distributed and multi-user systems.

In the last workshop, in addition to our regular state of the art 
survey, we gave particular consideration to issues of flexibility and 
extensibility in the engineering and construction of shared virtual 
environment systems. This remains a key theme in the area of shared 
virtual environments, however this year we also wish to consider issues 
such as:

    * the relationship between CVEs and Web and XML-based technologies
    * the relationship between CVEs and emerging GRID technologies and
      activities (such as the Global Grid Forum)
    * the relationship between the CVE research community and the
      multiuser gaming developer community
    * issues of security, (dis)trust and competition in CVE systems
    * the status of existing CVE-related standards (e.g. DIS, HLA,
      VRML), and the scope and impetus for new standards (e.g. RTP profiles)

Numbers will strictly limited, and preference will be given to persons 
actively involved in system and platform development. This is a 
workshop, not a tutorial, and relies entirely on the delegates 
collective experiences and contributions.

Previous workshops in this series have been held in association with 
IEEE WETICE'96, CVE'98, IEEE VR'99 and ACM CVE 2000.

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