[AG-TECH] AG behind firewall

bernholdtde at ornl.gov bernholdtde at ornl.gov
Fri Sep 20 10:35:27 CDT 2002

I'm going to setup a PIG-ish (piggy?) node on a network that's behind
our multcast-unfriendly firewall.  My plan was to QuickBridge to an
ORNL machine sitting outside the firewall.  I have a few questions...

1) Are there any performance issues for the bridge machine?
   Presumably its basically just forwarding packets, and so just
   requires a good network card.  Any recommendations?

2) What inbound connections does an AG node use that I would have to
   open up the firewall for?  Presumably dppt and vnc servers.
  Anything else?  I couldn't locate anything in the AGDP documents and
  the mailing list search seems to be dead.

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