[AG-TECH] AG Meetings instead of Fall Retreat

Bruce Loftis bruce at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Sep 13 14:13:06 CDT 2002

Jennifer ...
The primary audience for the TeraGrid workshop is
the group of staff members at SDSC, NCSA, and PSC
who are trying to get applications started on the
TeraGrid right now.

We will plan to do this workshop again as soon as
we can.  I would suggest that if you have a conflict,
then maybe pass on the TeraGrid workshop and
catch it next time.

At 02:49 PM 9/13/2002 -0400, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman wrote:
>Hi Ivan,
>The 9/30 session also conflicts with "Running Jobs on the TeraGrid," which 
>is going to be over the AG, though I haven't seen it show up on the AG 
>schedule yet (I've seen an announcement about this from Bruce Loftis). I 
>believe this will be an issue for several sites.
>- Jennifer
>Chris Greenhalgh wrote:
>>unfortunately these dates clash with ACM CVE conference and EU 
>>Disappearing computer review & Ubicom conference, so good minutes and 
>>subsequent opportunities for discussion are encouraged :-)
>>Ivan R. Judson wrote:
>>>The fall as crept up on us with various events looming on the horizon.
>>>We're not planning on holding our previously planned AG Fall Retreat,
>>>instead we're going to hold a series of three meetings to present the
>>>architecture and design of AG 2.0., including detailed information about
>>>developers interfaces. Each of the meetings will have two presentations,
>>>followed by a period of open discussion.
>>>The schedule for these meetings is:
>>>Monday September 30, 2002 10:00AM CST:
>>>Access Grid 2.0 Architecture
>>>Virtual Venues
>>>Tuesday October 1, 2002 10:00AM CST:
>>>AG Services
>>>Workspace Docking
>>>Node Management
>>>Wednedsay October 2, 2002 10:00AM CST:
>>>Network Services
>>>Voyager Multimeda Server
>>>The the discussion after each presentation will provide a forum for
>>>questions, concerns and feedback on the architecture and design.  These
>>>meetings will be held via the Access Grid in the ANL Institutional
>>>Ivan R. Judson .~. http://www.mcs.anl.gov/~judson
>>>Futures Laboratory .~.  630 252 0920
>>>Argonne National Laboratory .~. 630 252 6424 Fax

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