[AG-TECH] Question about usage policies

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Sep 10 13:51:23 CDT 2002

I know of a few sites that have established rental costs (sure there are 
more :) :

Don Morton at University of Montana
Tom Coffin at ACCESS DC.

You can find their contact info at:

At 11:08 AM 9/10/2002 -0500, you wrote:

>Hello Everyone:
>I am elated to announce that NU finally has an AG node!  We are now
>discussing usage policies, in particular if one should charge for the
>usage and the cost.  I am very interested to know what others are doing in
>terms of usage policies.
>Please send me an email to let me what what is your AG usage policy, how
>much you charge (if you require a charge) and how you determined the
>amount to charge others.  I am especially interested in what is done at
>other universities.
>Valerie Taylor                  ECE Department
>taylor at ece.northwestern.edu     Northwestern University
>Professor                       2145 Sheridan Road
>847.467.1168 (voice)            Evanston, IL  60208-3118
>847.467.4144 (fax)              http://www.ece.northwestern.edu/~taylor

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