[AG-TECH] quick question

Gregory Bell GRBell at lbl.gov
Tue Sep 10 20:21:32 CDT 2002

At Mary Fritsch's suggestion, I'm posting here as well --

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Subject: quick question
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:25:10 -0700
From: Gregory Bell <GRBell at lbl.gov>
Organization: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
To: ag-mcs at mcs.anl.gov

I have a vision of being able to configure my laptop as a "mobile AG
node" for the purposes of multicast testing and debugging. (I'm
investigating a Cisco bug which causes multicast packet loss under
certain conditions, and the beacon grid doesn't offer quite what I

After consulting the AG documentation pages on the subject of minimum
hardware, though, I'm beginning to suspect the "mobile AG node" idea
won't fly.  I don't need the ultimate in video / audio fidelity, just an
easy way to join AG sessions, serving as a video / audio source.  Any

    - Greg Bell, LBLnet

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