[AG-TECH] Solving PAL <> NTSC with VIC

Bart Kerver Bart.Kerver at surfnet.nl
Fri Sep 6 07:55:05 CDT 2002


> There should be a file 'video-config' somewhere in /usr/local/ag.  It's an
> XML description of the configuration for the various video feeds.  In
> there is where 'NTSC' is specified, and it *should* be as easy as changing
> 'NTSC' to 'PAL'.

What version of the software are you using?
There is no such parameter in the /lib/video-config file.
If you look at the DTD (/usr/local/ag/apps/vrm/config.dtd) that belongs 
to this XML file, a setting for NTSC/PAL is no part of it.

Even adding this by hand doesn't work.

Any other clues?


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