[AG-TECH] Solving PAL <> NTSC with VIC

Bart Kerver bart.kerver at surfnet.nl
Thu Sep 5 12:52:39 CDT 2002


We're tying to fix-up an AG-node for the iGRID2002 and have very limited
time (always last minute stuff and configuration). All gear is in,
software downloaded and running... only one nasty problem I'd like to
solve: VIC keeps putting the grabber back to NTSC (and we have PAL

How did other PAL-users force the bttv grabber (WInTV) OR VIC to use PAL
by default instead of NTSC? 
I have tried the options on module loading and looked into the source of
bttv (the last can't be the way). I found two documents on VIC and PAL
but these didn't work for me.

Am I overseeing something, anyone a pointer towards some info? 


Bart Kerver

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