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Heisen, Andrew [NCSUS] AHeisen at NCSUS.JNJ.COM
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To clarify the below, our problem seems to be a CPU utilization one.  With
only a few windows open, or even just one with substantial motion in the
video stream, the CPU time required by OM Vic skyrockets to 100%,
effectively disabling the machine.  In contrast, the v2.8nlsde-2.1.3-1114v
version of vic utilizes the CPU much more efficiently.  Any suggestions on
how to improve this would be appreciated.  I should note that the settings
we are using are h261 compression at 29fps and quality of 1, in case that
affects things.  

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We have been doing a lot of work lately with the various versions of the PIG
- vic.exe on Windows 2000/XP.  We have found that when opening more then 4
windows the only version that seems capable of performing exceptionally well
is the v2.8nlsde-2.1.3.-1114 version of vic.  If we use the Open Mash or the
vic.exe (DD or without) off the AG site - the applications run but seem to
hang or skip on a computer when opening more then 4 windows at once.  Has
anyone experienced this?  If so, do you have a work around?  We are using
the NVIDIA Quadro4 Video cards with 128MB of Video Memory.
thanks -

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