[AG-TECH] AG. cluster, and tiled-display

shudo at ni.aist.go.jp shudo at ni.aist.go.jp
Fri Nov 29 00:14:58 CST 2002


"Luc Renambot" <renambot at cs.vu.nl> wrote:

> Is anyone aware of projects (or publications) running
> an AG setup on a cluster of PCs for the rendering, instead
> of one PC with multiple graphics cards ?

There may be a lot of such a project.
I could see a fun exhibision on the Exhibits floor of SC2002 recently.
Please see the attached image.
The multi-display consists of laptop PCs seem to be hand-crafted.

  Kazuyuki Shudo
  Grid Technology Research Center
  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
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