[AG-TECH] Sound localisation work?

Chris Greenhalgh cmg at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Thu Nov 28 09:29:36 CST 2002

one problem with AG-style set-ups is that echo cancellation for non-mono 
(e.g. stereo speakers and above with different signals in each) seems to 
be an ill-posed problem; maybe insoluble. At the very least you'd need a 
more complex adaptive cancelling algorithm, presumably relying on at 
least as many mics as there are speakers (with distinct signals).
i certainly couldn't find any commercial offerings that claimed to 
attempt it.

Colin Perkins wrote:

>--> "Michael Daw" writes:
>>I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any work going on to do with sound
>>localisation in the AG? I'm thinking particularly of development to help
>>locate where peoples' images are on the screen and in holding simultaneous
>>conversations between sites, or anything related.
>>I'd be grateful if someone could provide contacts (if any).
>There is primative localisation support in RAT, although I don't know of
>anyone using it with the AccessGrid.

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