[AG-TECH] broadcast quality video

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Wed Nov 6 16:12:58 CST 2002

At 07:55 AM 5/11/2002 -0600, Ivan R. Judson wrote:
>These are very cool technologies. I'd like to know if anyone is
>currently working on implementations of these codecs or has pointers to
>implementations? There are brave souls lurking about who might consider
>adding them to vic or other applications --

We're looking at some options to integrate new codecs. One of the issues I can already see is that some of them are licensed (e.g. the mpeg4 "discussion" that is currently ongoing).

>http://www.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/ has many supported codecs. It'd be
>interesting to consider some of them for AG use.

Thanks - I'll have a look at that.

>Fwiw, it'd be an incredibly handy reference to have some kind of codec
>comparison chart that shows the salient features of each codec we're
>considering which might help drive us to clearer focus on some codecs
>rather than others. Anyone want to start one?

If nobody else has already done it, I'm happy to do that. I've already done some of it for other work, so it's just a case of tidying it up. I also started doing one for audio, but that's a lot messier (lot more choices, lot more variants, ...)


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