[AG-TECH] ddvic error

Darin Oman darin at ucar.edu
Wed Nov 6 14:56:46 CST 2002

I was in a meeting where one site was connected via VRVS. They were
having other problems so ended up disconnecting and dialing in to the
meeting. There were no problems after they disconnected.


 >> Bob O. has done some testing and it appears that whenever a NetMeeting
 >> source disconnects, vic crashes.
 > It's more complex than that, I think.
 > I seemed to have been able to cause a crash (in the test room a few
 > minutes ago) by connecting to the room via VRVS and netmeeting. The
 > crash happened when I disconnected my netmeeting.
 > Or maybe not, it's unclear now what's going on. However, rtpdump is
 > showing me that there are at least three sources emanating from
 > vrvs-ag.internet2.edu that don't show up on the vic thumbnails; the IP
 > address of that host shows up in the address deallocation code where
 > vic is crashing.
 > I'm continuing to run rtpdump and vic under the debugger in the test
 > room to try to get a handle on this. If anyone's been trying
 > vrvs/netmeeting from the Internet2 vrvs gateway, speak up so we can
 > see if that's the probelm.
 > Philippe - is there any new bridge software running?
 > --bob

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