[AG-TECH] Recommended projectors

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Mon Nov 25 04:29:07 CST 2002

To be honest, I can't think that it is sensible to have a
'recommended' projector, although a 'reference' one is OK.
The model numbers change on a monthly basis, and are also
different from one country to another.  I would think that
a minimum spec recommendation, plus the make+model for one
that has been shown to do the job (but which is almost
certainly superceded) should be what is recorded, together with
a suggestion to contact this list for helpful tips on current
models that people find good, bad or indifferent.

Obviously this also applies, to a lesser extent, to all
aspects of the spec - projectors just seem to have the fastest
'churn' on model numbers of all the bits that make up a node.

For what it's worth, I used Panasonics in our organizations two
nodes, mainly chosen because our first room was very narrow and
they had good, affordable wide-angle lens attachments.  Such
factors can be as important as light output.  We've been very
pleased with them, but that doesn't mean I recommend them over
other models.



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I was looking on the AGDP site and saw that the Epson 710c is listed as
the recommended projector for AG nodes.  Has anyone tried the 720 or 730
models?  Wondering if there are any tradeoffs or negatives to the 720 or
730 that would make someone stick with the 710.  

Also, does anyone know if there is a reduction in overall bulb life with
the higher-lumen models (e.g., less bulb life with the 2000 lumen 730c
instead of the 1500 lumen 720)

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