[AG-TECH] broadcast quality video

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Fri Nov 1 04:00:04 CST 2002

There shouldn't be any real problem as long as the cameras have
composite or S-Video (Y-C) connections for video out.  I wouldn't
expect any visible improvement in image quality compared with
less expensive cameras (say down to the Sony xxx30/31/100 type)
because the H.261 QCIF encoding itself reduces quality so much that
the original quality is basically lost.  Once mangled by H.261, I
can't say I can tell the difference between a composite feed from
camera to capture card, or a Y-C feed from the same camera.

There is a different question which is how to get broadcast quality
video across the AG, and that has been discussed elsewhere.  From
cameras, that implies having capture cards that will take component
(YUV or YIQ) input and encoding schemes that preserve a decent
fraction of the original quality - composite, Y-C and component
feeds have roughly 5 MHz, 8 MHz and 15 MHz bandwidth respectively.

Of course, the alternative is to use digital cameras and (for instance)
FireWire, and so stay digital all the way ...



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From: Eric Hepburn [mailto:eric at mail.aces.utexas.edu]
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We are using the following broadcast quality cameras in our facility:
CCU: Panasonic WVE590
Camera: Panasonic AWE 300
We are in the process of setting up an AG-PIG machine using these cameras
(by feeding an S-Video feed from the cameras to the Osprey Capture cards
through a video switcher).  We should have the installation completed within
the next week.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  If you'd like to get a
feel for our facility in general you can check out our website at
The cameras and video switching gear was originally installed for
videoconferencing, we are basically adding the AG-PIG system as an
alternative CODEC into our existing AV infrastructure, giving us AG access
in our 5 videoconference capable rooms.


PS  We are also using Microsoft's experimental ConferenceXP software on the
same system with the Osprey capture cards, so far so good...

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From: Jonathan C. Humfrey [mailto:jch at cs.ucsb.edu]
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Subject: [AG-TECH] broadcast quality video

Does anyone have experience using broadcast quality cameras rather then 
the Sony DVIs?  We have a multi-use room and are looking to be able to 
produce a broadcast quality video from presentations in the room as well 
as participating in AG.

Jonathan Humfrey

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