[AG-TECH] Demo in Lobby

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri May 31 16:37:02 CDT 2002

Which drivers are you using?

What is the output of

         cat /dev/sndstat



At 04:32 PM 5/31/2002 -0500, Barbara A. Kucera wrote:
>Hi Don,
>I'm not the one to ask about the technical aspects of the AG.  By copy of 
>this note, I've sent your note to Ag-Tech and one of your colleagues will 
>offer you advice.  If not, I can refer you to Vikram Gazula who provides 
>AG support to the EPSCoR states.  He's very good at troubleshooting.
>I'm sure you'll pin it down, just requires persistence.
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