[AG-TECH] Greetings, and a few questions...

lujian lujian at nlsde.buaa.edu.cn
Thu May 30 02:34:10 CDT 2002

We have just test a new motherboard configuration : 
ASUS A7M266-D, with dual AMD MP 1800+, DDR SDRAM 256, ATI VE 7000 32M dualhead AGP, Matrox DDR sgram 32M dualhead PCI, 3 Osprey 200, 1 Intel pro 10/100+ server adapter(PILA8470B) 64bit PCI,  
The OS is Win2k Pro. 
And the result is just terrific!!!!!
The whole CPU is less than 60% with 60 QCIF  500kbps video, and 3 osprey capturing, and audio tools running at the same time, without any loss of data.
It is better than our Dell Precision 530 with dual Intel P4 1.7G, and, much cheaper .

Greetings to you all!  I've been placed in charge of putting one of these
things together for my University, but before I get started spending all
of their money, I have a few questions I'd like to ask.

1) Has anybody had any particular luck (good or bad) using Intel
processors vs. AMD ones?

2) After shopping around a bit, I'm having a difficult time finding a
place to purchase the Hauppage 401 cards online.  Does anyone know of a
place I can find them, or an equivilent card I could use in its place?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bryan J. Kirkendall
AGN Administrator
University of Idaho CompSci
Moscow, ID 83844
kirk5801 at cs.uidaho.edu

Version: 3.12
GCS/MU/IT/M d+(--) s+:+ a-- C++(++++)> $ UL++> ++++ P++> ++++ L++> ++++ E---
W++(+++) N o? K? w---(++++) !O M++(--) V-- PS+++ PE-(--) Y+(++) PGP t+(++)
5+ X(+) R+(+++) !tv b+(+++) DI++++ D++(----) G> ++ e> ++(*) h- r++ y+(**)

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