[AG-TECH] Cheap Video Cameras

shudo at ni.aist.go.jp shudo at ni.aist.go.jp
Tue May 28 19:22:06 CDT 2002

From: "Ivan R. Judson" <judson at mcs.anl.gov>

> If you don't care about pan/tilt; or waiting for big frames to be
> supported (full NTSC), just get any old webcam.  The intel usb camera,
> the kodak usb camera, and most firewire cameras work good enough; just
> don't set it for big frames or vic will crash (for now).

I second.
USB cameras are enough for some cases which do not need quality.
We have to be careful in choosing an USB camera because all cameras
are not supported by Linux.  I'm happy with Creative WebCam Plus but
all WebCams cannot work on Linux.  See the following web page related
to device drivers.  Now The OV511 is a part of Linux kernel.

  Linux OV511 / OV518 Driver

  CPiA webcam driver for Linux

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