[AG-TECH] Voyager playback problems

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Wed May 8 17:49:23 CDT 2002

i've run into this sort of problem before and resolved it
by looking at the time data (i can't remember exactly what
it's called but, for each stream, it shows how many 
milliseconds the stream's "clock" is offset from some standard).

if the offset was big, i found that removing that stream
(unchecking it) would allow the other streams to sync
as needed, and it worked (minus the streams i had to
uncheck).  thus, the need for folks to make sure they
have NTP running correctly :)

Edward Aalseth wrote:
> I believe we have successfully recorded several AG events using Voyager
> but can not successfully play the recordings back.  I also have trouble
> playing back files recorded by other AG sites.  I can see all the all
> the files recorded in the player window and they all seem ok.
> There are several failure modes, sometimes no audio or no video or
> neither will appear in the venue during playback.  When video does
> appear, it sometimes takes 10 to 15 minutes before the first few screens
> show up but then these video streams will usually freeze after playing a
> few minutes.  Other video sources will then appear in the venue only to
> freeze after playing a few minutes. This is using our normal AG studio
> equipment, anyone have any ideas?
> Ed

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