[AG-TECH] AG related Alliance Expedition Strategies

ballance at ahpcc.unm.edu ballance at ahpcc.unm.edu
Wed May 8 14:24:24 CDT 2002

I am *most* interested!

... bob

Rick Stevens writes:
 > Hi All,
 > I have been thinking about proposing an Alliance Expedition to prototype
 > "Scientific Group Workspaces of the Future".  The goal of this expedition
 > will be to form a collaboration between technology developers and end
 > users to develop and deploy next generation collaborative and remote
 > visualization tools that meet the needs of specific science and education
 > projects in the context of the National Computational Science Alliance and
 > the NSF PACI program in general.  The idea is to build on the successful
 > widespread deployment of the Access Grid and to:
 > 1.  Further develop the concept of Access Grid Virtual Venues to support 
 > Grid based access to domain oriented problem solving environments (e.g. 
 > Bioengineering, Neural Imaging and Simulation, Chemical Engineering, 
 > Nanoscience, and Computational Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, 
 > Systems Biology, Astronomy and Astrophysics, etc.).  This will require 
 > developing new ways to host "access portals" via the Access Grid and to 
 > develop collaborative interfaces to exsiting PSEs, workbenchs and tools.
 > 2. Extend the concept of AG Virtual Venues to support access to
 > high-performance remote visualization services.  The idea here is to
 > enable Tiled Displays to become first class Access Grid nodes that can
 > exploit a Streaming Visualization related services component of future
 > Virtual Venues.  One way in which this could be used is to link Tiled
 > Display systems to one or more parallel visualization servers in the same
 > way that current Access Grid nodes are linked to each other via
 > audio/video Venue services.
 > 3. Develop Virtual Venue services that can support collaborative group
 > oriented interfaces to instruments.  Targets here could include
 > microscopes, shake tables, APS beamlines, etc.  The group interfaces could
 > be used for collaborative research and for educational purposes.  A
 > variety of specific application/interface sharing modalities need to be
 > explored.  One idea would be to leverage ongoing work at ANL to build
 > "workspace docking"  capabilities targeting the on-demand integration of
 > personal workspaces with AG related group workspaces, enabling AG uses
 > to "bring their instrument to work".
 > 4. Deploy a number of domain related resources to the community via
 > enhanced Virtual Venue services (e.g. persistent support for documents,
 > hosted and remote applications, databases, and other tools), and new AG
 > client applications including remote visualization clients for existing AG
 > nodes and AG enabled Tiled Displays.  The idea here would be to use the
 > new capabilities and services developed in this Expedition to deploy some
 > prototype domain resource Grids.  We would like to see these prototype
 > domain resource Grids being used to support ongoing research, education
 > and training.
 > If you are interested in participating in and/or discussing this
 > Expedition let me know.  We will be seeking out interested individuals and
 > groups at the Alliance All Hands Meeting this week to put together a
 > formal proposal.  The Alliance Expeditions are designed to connect
 > technology producers and technology consumers through innovative
 > collaborative projects.  Funding is likely to be limited to those that are
 > currently partners of the Alliance, however there is a provision for
 > self-funded collaborators to enable expeditions to include additional
 > groups outside of the current partnership community if they have their own
 > resources.
 > Cheers,
 > --Rick

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