[AG-TECH] Creating New Collaborative Opportunities on the AG

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon May 6 10:52:09 CDT 2002

I think this is a wonderful idea.  Sort of like an
AG retreat/exposition ON the AG... I like it!  
I wonder if it could somehow integrate with SC2002, 
since there's no official SC Global this year?

Allan Spale wrote:
> Hello,
> I was pondering about how to increase AG usage at EVL, when I came up with
> an idea.  What if there was a one or two day session that lasted all day
> where there was an exposition of all things AG over the AG.  The two
> primary goals of this exposition would be the following.
> First, indicate the current uses of the AG for end-users (unlike the AG
> Retreat which I think is more geared for technical and AG development
> people).  There could be many seminar sessions about what the AG can do
> for different user groups such as distributed classrooms, scientific
> visualization, general usage, etc.  This would also be a good venue for
> panel sessions discussing AG usage, future development areas, etc.
> Second, provide an exposition floor type of venue which is already
> provided in part using the Institution Lobby and the Institution-related
> venues.  Sites would broadcast their "booths" from their Institution venue
> and hold demos or just talk to people "passing through".  This "exposition
> floor" would be used for individual sites to indicate what their
> institution's strengths are (in research, strong curriculum areas, etc.),
> current collaborative efforts using the AG, and prospective collaborative
> efforts (i.e. sites that are looking to establish collaborations).
> Basically, this would be a good opportunity for people at various sites to
> do information gathering of what the AG is used for and find new
> collaboration opportunities.
> I think that this type of event should attract current sites and the
> people working on the AG, but I would also think it would be good to
> invite other groups from the sites that are not involved with the AG
> (at universities, this could be other colleges that might benefit having
> the AG as a collaboration medium for research or for teaching) to show the
> possibilities of having an AG.  Another possible group of people that
> could come are people interested in collaboration technology.  They could
> attend by visiting the nearest AG site in order to participate in the
> event.
> Thanks for your time.
> Allan
> EVL at UIC
> node-op

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