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lujian lujian at nlsde.buaa.edu.cn
Sun May 5 11:54:32 CDT 2002

We also had the problem before.  we found the problem may comes from the bt8x8 drivers which drive your capture card. 
Because of the problem, the VIC freezes for a long time, and stop sending RTCP Cname data, so the cname data refreshes very slowly in receiver sides.
I remember  we took two metheds:
1. short term solution: put the default Vic sending framerate to 30fps.
2. long term solution: check your capture card, see if it has just one crystal unit 28.6Mhz, then replace it with a new capture card that has the crystal unit of 35.4Mhz. it works. 
if your capture card always captures "mis-colored" wrong images, you can edit your /etc/modules.conf, and add the following line:
options bttv pll=1(,1,1, if you have multiple cards).

Hello everybody,

we are trying to fix a problem, that we are facing since the very
beginning of our AG activity, and that stayed with us throughout various
changes in AG software and OS releases:
whenever we start several vic instances on our capture machine with the
AG default frame rate / bandwidth values, the gui freezes after some
seconds. Video transmission is ok, but we have no chance to change the
settings of a specific video stream unless we restart the vic. 
The problem disappears when we start with the low transmission/frame
rates of the ucl-vic defaults.

conflicting interrupts dont seem to be a problem here: 

ag at ag-vin:~>  cat /proc/interrupts 
           CPU0       CPU1       
  0:     200243     199649    IO-APIC-edge  timer
  1:       1035       1003    IO-APIC-edge  keyboard
  2:          0          0          XT-PIC  cascade
  3:      18120      18213   IO-APIC-level  bttv
  4:      18906      18747   IO-APIC-level  bttv
  8:          1          1    IO-APIC-edge  rtc
 10:      21250      21610   IO-APIC-level  bttv
 11:    1011645    1012826   IO-APIC-level  eth0
 12:      78269      77369    IO-APIC-edge  PS/2 Mouse
 14:       3605       3788    IO-APIC-edge  ide0
 15:          2          3    IO-APIC-edge  ide1
NMI:          0          0 
LOC:     399801     399799 
ERR:          0
MIS:          0

We are currently running SuSE. 7.3 on a dual Pentium III 866 MHz, but we
observed the same problems under the AG RedHat Release.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


 Martin Sczimarowsky
 Forschungszentrum Juelich / Zentralinstitut fuer Angewandte Mathematik 
 D 52425 Juelich                Tel/Fax  : +49 2461 61 6411/6656
_______________________________ M.Sczimarowsky at fz-juelich.de __________
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