[AG-TECH] Dual Pentium III vs Single Pentium 4 and Matrox G550 vs Matrox G450 on the Display Machine

Jin Tian jintian at nlsde.buaa.edu.cn
Sun May 5 12:31:48 CDT 2002

Hi, Allan Spale:

Following is our experiment result:

1. In our test, the performance of running AG display node machine by dual Pentium III 1G is no less than dual Pentium 4 1.7G. Our test Environment is:
  P4: Dell Precision 530 (P4 1.7G x2, DDR 512M)
  P3: +ASUS CUV4X. (P3 1G x2, SDRAM 512M)
  P3: Dell Precision 420 (P3 933M x2, RAMBUS 256M)

2. DDR & Rambus Memory is much better than SDRAM in vic display performance.

3. Intel Express Network Adapter use half of CPU than 3Com 3c90x in receiving vic multicast data.

4. ATI Radeon 7000/7500/VE AGP is nearly double speed than Matrox G450 AGP in vic display performance. But ATI do not provide PCI dual-head cards. You can download the our video adapter performance test program at http://www.nlsde.buaa.edu.cn/admire/download/tools/ddcliper.exe (need DirectX 7.0 and above)

5. We have an experiential formula on determine how many videos can be displayed simultaneous on one computer. The formula we called as "vic formula" is:
  CPU usage = B + S*x + M*y + L*z, where
  B is CPU usage when all sources is muted (Normally this value linear to total bandwidth).
  S is CPU usage of single QCIF video rendering, x is number of QCIF video rendering.
  M is CPU usage of single CIF video rendering, y is number of CIF video rendering.
  L is CPU usage of single SCIF video rendering, z is number of SCIF video rendering.

  Here is our typically result in 2 computers configuration in receiving 15Mbps video streams (30x500kbps), all video streams are rendered in AGP card, and all of the test video streams are same:
  1)   P4: Dell Precision 530 (P4 1.7G x2, DDR 512M, Matrox G450 AGP, 3Com 3c9x)
    B = 30, S = 2.5, M = 4, L = 8.
  2)   P4: Dell Precision 530 (P4 1.7G x2, DDR 512M, ATI Radeon VE, 3Com 3c9x)
    B = 30, S = 2, M = 2.5, L = 4.
  3)   P3: ASUS (P3 1G x2, SDRAM 512M, ATI Radeon VE, Intel Express 100)
    B = 15, S = 2, M = 2.5, L = 4.
  4)   P3: Dell Precision 420 (P3 933M x2, Rambus 256M, ATI Radeon VE, 3Com 3c9x)
    B = 30, S = 1.5, M = 2, L = 3.5.

  So, our conclusions are:
  * Use dual PIII is ok.
  * Try to use DDR/Rambus Memory rather than SDRAM.
  * Intel Express is better than 3Com 3c90x.
  * ATI Radeon VE AGP is much better than Matrox G450 AGP. (We do not have G550 :( )
======= At 2002-05-01, You wrote =======

>We thinking of upgrading our single mini-AG machine and were wondering
>what is the current thinking on the following items...
>- What is better for VIC to operate on: dual Pentium IIIs or a single
>Pentium 4?
>- What display card is better to use: Matrox G550 or Matrox G450?
>Any explanations, comments, stories, etc. are encouraged.  Thanks.

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  Best Wishes to u.

	Jin Tian(金天)
	PhD. Student
	Advance Network Technologies Group (Admire Group)
	National Lab of Software Development Environment
	Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
	P.B.: 2-83# 37 Xueyuan Road  Beijing 100083  P.R.China
	E.B.: jintian at nlsde.buaa.edu.cn
	P.N.: (86)(10)82317603(O)

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