[AG-TECH] DPPT (PowerPoint) audio

Andy Quay andy at digitalworlds.ufl.edu
Thu May 2 22:46:09 CDT 2002

I just realized today that the current version of the AG does not
support audio in DPPT (Distributed PowerPoint). This also includes
playback of digital video files (with audio) within PowerPoint. Not that
a node technically could not perform this function, but there is no
audio connection specified from the display CPU to the Gentner. Also,
some current nodes, including ours on campus, don't have an audio card
installed in the display machine.

This seems like an easy fix. Install an audio card in the display
machine, and either add another MM100 Matchmaker or use the currently
unutilized left channel ("IHF Returns L connector) on the MM100. The
Gentner has extra audio in's to complete the mix.

Am I missing something?

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