[AG-TECH] New release of InterGroup group communication protocols . . . .

Deb Agarwal DAAgarwal at lbl.gov
Wed Mar 27 13:37:11 CST 2002

The latest version of the InterGroup protocols (v1.0 alpha) is
now available for download at

This version provides:
   -reliable timestamp ordered delivery of messages and membership
   -the ability to use the InterGroup protocols from machines that do not
    have multicast connectivity
   -support for running multiple processes using the InterGroup 
    on the same machine
   -a redesigned API that allows event-driven programming
   -an example Chat application that uses the InterGroup protocols

To receive InterGroup related news please join the
intergroup-announce at george.lbl.gov mailing list (instructions
on the download page)
For more information on the InterGroup protocols visit
For more information on our Reliable and Secure Group
Communication project visit

Karlo Berket (KBerket at lbl.gov) and Deb Agarwal (DAAgarwal at lbl.gov),
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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