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Peterson, Michael R michael.peterson at pnl.gov
Tue Mar 26 10:45:00 CST 2002

I like the "Kids on the Grid" as a subtitle. We at PNNL have, "Take your Son's
To Work Day" in the fall. Boys will certainly be welcome and encouraged. I think
the idea, that different sites do different things, would be a good discussion
Topic to have during our day on the Grid. Keep the comments coming.



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   Now that the H.323 picked up on the idea first floated here and
some may be deviating from the original "Take your daughter to work
day", maybe the event on the AG should be called "Kids on the Grid"
as someone else suggested.  It could be on the same day but
differentiate it a bit to fit with whatever a local site is doing.   

   By the way, I had the same question that Barbara did about why
only daughters.  As I recall the reasons for that are spelled out
on the "Take Our Daughters to Work" web site
http://www.takeourdaughterstowork.org/ if you are curious 
about it (e.g. click on Activities for April 25 and then the link
at the top on "Activities for Boys").  But then we had only
boys so what do I know?  ;-)  Anyway, using something like
"Kids on the Grid" would work for most places which ever way
they go on April 25.


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