[AG-TECH] Venue Server Installation

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Fri Mar 22 13:43:39 CST 2002

My apologies for responding to all of you but, wanted
to let you all know I'll take a deeper look at Jeremy's
problem first and at least make sure apache is running
and configured correctly.

Jeremy - I'm running off to grab lunch, then stop by
here again before heading out skiing.  Can you either
bring me or leave on voicemail the root password,
hostname, etc. of the server and I'll quickly look
over the web server part of it - I"ve had to debug
enough of these problems in my life, so maybe
I'll find something....



Jeremy Sauer wrote:
> Hi all,
>     After following instructions in various archived ag-tech e-mails and
> other documentation, I was able to successfully run the vv-configure
> script. I needed to install a couple rpms that weren't listed but
> eventually dependecies seemed to be resolved.  However, after running
> the script and obtaining a wizard password,  I could not visit the
> server via a browser from another machine.  I am sure that I have
> installed the apache rpm.  I am able to ping the server machine but
> whenever I try to visit the server via a browser I get no response.  I
> am pretty new to the Linux world so I may be missing something that
> would be obvious to someone with any experience.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions on things I can do to identify the problem, and then fix it?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy Sauer
> University of Montana
> Node-Operator

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