[AG-TECH] Venue Server Installation

Jeremy Sauer jsauer at uswest.net
Fri Mar 22 13:28:00 CST 2002

Hi all,
    After following instructions in various archived ag-tech e-mails and 
other documentation, I was able to successfully run the vv-configure 
script. I needed to install a couple rpms that weren't listed but 
eventually dependecies seemed to be resolved.  However, after running 
the script and obtaining a wizard password,  I could not visit the 
server via a browser from another machine.  I am sure that I have 
installed the apache rpm.  I am able to ping the server machine but 
whenever I try to visit the server via a browser I get no response.  I 
am pretty new to the Linux world so I may be missing something that 
would be obvious to someone with any experience.  Does anyone have any 
suggestions on things I can do to identify the problem, and then fix it?

Jeremy Sauer
University of Montana

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