[AG-TECH] AG on wireless

John Shalf jshalf at lbl.gov
Fri Mar 22 12:29:52 CST 2002

Allison Clark wrote:
> Ag-tech always has such lively discussions. My question stemmed from the
> Advanced Networking with Minority Serving Institutions (AN MSI) program
> that has a little money to fund some ag node testbeds at MSIs. The question
> of wireless came up for one of the schools. I wanted to check with the
> experts as I don't want the testbed to be too far out there - it actually
> needs to work. Bottom line -sounds like it will suck up too much bandwidth.
> Once again thanks to everyone.

>From your description here, it appears that our 802.11
wireless discussion isn't really the right solution for the
problem at hand.  It sounds like you are looking for
something that is more of a wireless point-to-point link. 
You might ask your local networking folks about that; there
are many 100Mbit+ solutions available for this application. 


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