[AG-TECH] Mapping IP addresses to Venues

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 21 16:00:37 CST 2002

Can someone explain to me:


*	Why are audio and video sent on different IP address / port
pairs for a single Virtual Venue?  Why do they not share a single
IP/Port address?  Doesn't the payloadtype field in RTP allow you to
effectively discern between audio and video streams?


*	How are the IP/port allocated for the Virtual Venues?


For instance, we requested a static allocation of a block of multicast
IP addresses from Internet2.  Since multicast traffic is scoped purely
on IP address and since the amount of traffic associated with a Virtual
Venue would generally degrade any other multicast application sharing
the same IP address but using a different port, it seems to me that each
venue should have a dedicated single IP address.


*	If you have a dedicated single IP address per venue, is there
anything wrong with following the RTP default ports of 5004 for RTP
traffic and 5005 for RTCP traffic?




 - jcb

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