[AG-TECH] TTL - Multicast

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Mar 14 15:14:44 CST 2002

Hm. On my win2k box with the AG Vic (UCL-derived, and I didn't change this 
part of things) -B works fine. Note that it doesn't change hte initial 
value - it still is 128Kbps with a 127 TTL. However, the slider will go up 
to the value given on the command line.

You can set the initial bandwidth with

         vic -Xbandwidth=value ...


At 02:35 PM 3/14/2002 -0500, Nolan, Kevin [NCSUS] wrote:
>Actually, our problem is with the vic in windows.  We are using windows 
>2000 machines as capture computers.  In linux the -B option works fine.
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