[AG-TECH] Real Time Music Collaboration

Lisa Childers childers at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Mar 12 17:31:23 CST 2002

Voyager's current synchronization logic is based on the timestamps of each
source at the time it was created, so the varying latencies would be
eliminated on playback.  I am also not too far away from giving the user
greater control over synchronization, including the capability to playback
the recording based on the time the voyager server received the data.

We definitely should plan to record the collaboration with voyager...


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Markus Buchhorn wrote:
> I think there's an additional problem where the audience is distributed -
> i.e. the latency varies between multiple sources and multiple receivers.
> The joys of multicast doing its thing (ideally) means you have a 2D mesh
> sources and receivers. So while the drummer may be furthest from you, he
> may be closest to me - so the trumpets who are close to you are far from
> me, and the scheme goes south (or north, depending where you sit).

What if we get Voyager to record the session?  Then we will only have to
worry about the latency to one audience...granted it may sound bad to
everyone else.  Maybe we could do some tests to determine the actual
effects of latency, like one site could count off and every node can
make a noise or hit a mic on cue and we could see how badly things line
up.  =]


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