[AG-TECH] Real Time Music Collaboration

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Mar 11 19:53:20 CST 2002

Michael Grobe wrote:

> too quickly for more than a 3 step pipe.  however, it would also be
> possible for dancers to listen and perform in the audience venue....
> though distributed dancers would not be synchronized...something that
> might be as much an "opportunity" for creativity as it is a problem.
> (oh, simulating these things in my head gets confusing...)
> but wait...maybe this is another application for mark herald's personal
> proxies operating as a means of overcoming transmission latencies to mars?
> hmmmm.

honestly, i think this is one direction we want to proceed in
(just my opinion :)).  clearly, one needs to work out issues
of latency to play the kinds of music we're all used to
hearing but, what happens when we have an AGN on the moon
that wants to participate in one of these concerts?  absolutely
no way around the latency, and one HAS to think differently...
clearly, mark's mars example stretches the implications :)
in my opinion, it's time to be thinking about new ways of
expressing ourselves in a latency filled environment......
of course, i'll leave it to the composers to figure out how
the hell to do that!!  but, isn't it possible to imagine
some sort of music that's expressive through various patterns
that happen at "roughly" the right times, but not necessarily
synchronously????  i don't know.....  i'm only a lead guitar
player from a famous rock band in the 70's :) :) :) :) :) :)


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