[AG-TECH] Venue Server Installation

Lisa Childers childers at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Mar 22 15:56:29 CST 2002

Will you folks be able to use this node as a testing node, on which you
would install early software?  I am in the midst of trying to build an ag
testbed and trying to line up nodes for that can participate in this kind of


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Hello All,

I JUST finished typing the following problem report,
and Jeremy came running to my office to tell me he
fixed the problem.  Our system administrator suggested
he disable ipchains, and, now we can get into our
vv server.  I haven't played much with ipchains but,
I'm sure it could be configured with "some" effort
such that it didn't need to be disabled but, I'm
simply sending this report to the list so that others
are aware of the potential ipchains roadblock.  At
this point in time, it's just an experimental server,
and it seems to have other security measures implemented,
so I'm not real worried (though I did "XXXXXX" out the
hostname in the following description lest some of
you get a little "adventuresome" :) :) :)).

But I AM worried that I'm not going to have the time
to climb as high into the mountains as I had planned :(



Here are some relevant details on Jeremy's problem.
I "could" spend the afternoon and possibly resolve these
myself but I REALLY want to go out skiing at Lolo Pass
and the afternoon is already growing short :) :)

So, I told Jeremy, after explaining the "first level"
problem to him, that I'd post this to the list, then
let him deal with responses while I head up into the
backcountry :)

Essentially, "default" security is set up on the venue
server such that one can't telnet
to any of the ports from an outside machine.

For example:

telnet XXXXXX.cs.umt.edu 80

yields a response of connection refused.  Yet, when doing
the same thing FROM XXXXXX.cs.umt.edu, the connection
accepts commands.  So, clearly, the httpd IS accepting
requests but, apparently only from the localhost.

Likewise, same deal with sshd - one can telnet to port
22 locally, and the localhost accepts the command but,
when trying to telnet from the outside

telnet XXXXXX.cs.umt.edu 22

connection is refused.

In the old days, I'd muck around with hosts.allow,
hosts.deny, inetd.conf and could usually get something
working but, I'm not sure how these new Redhat defaults
are set up.

So, it looks to me like Jeremy's first step is to understand
what needs to be configured on the localhost that will
ultimately allow it to accept remote requests on port
80 (httpd) and others, such as 22 (sshd).

Jeremy Sauer wrote:
> Hi all,
>     After following instructions in various archived ag-tech e-mails and
> other documentation, I was able to successfully run the vv-configure
> script. I needed to install a couple rpms that weren't listed but
> eventually dependecies seemed to be resolved.  However, after running
> the script and obtaining a wizard password,  I could not visit the
> server via a browser from another machine.  I am sure that I have
> installed the apache rpm.  I am able to ping the server machine but
> whenever I try to visit the server via a browser I get no response.  I
> am pretty new to the Linux world so I may be missing something that
> would be obvious to someone with any experience.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions on things I can do to identify the problem, and then fix it?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy Sauer
> University of Montana
> Node-Operator

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