[AG-TECH] ddvic

S.Booth spb at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Fri Mar 22 10:52:08 CST 2002

I like a number of others have been having trouble with vic windows being
difficult to move when large numbers of windows are available.

Today I tried to see what I could do about this and came up with some
interesting results.

First I installed ddvic-2001-1012.zip into \ag\agapps\bin\vic.exe
(I think that was the right thing to do)
Things seemed better but with about 10 medium sized windows things started
to become sluggish again.

First odd thing: If I do ctl-alt-del to start the task manager vic stops
responding and the video streams go blank (the window borders are still
there but the video has gone. Its ok if you have the task manager running
before vic starts (I'm using the bridge if that makes any difference)

Looking at the cpu load the problem occurs with load of about 53% (we have
a dual cpu display node). If I use task
manager to set the cpu affinity to
one of the 2 cpus then things seem to improve !! 
If I put the affinity back to both cpus the windows become sluggish again.
This might be a W2k feature, it looks like the OS keeps trying to bounce
the vic process between the 2 cpus.

10 medium sized windows does not seem to be very many so I probably don't
have the best graphics card drivers installed (can anyone give a
definative answer on which drivers to use.

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