[AG-TECH] APware running - always or just when needed

Jonas Talandis jonast at evl.uic.edu
Mon Mar 18 11:13:05 CST 2002

I thought the whole point of running APWare or its predecessor was to have 
a persistent control interface available. Who wants to navigate the front 
panel menu sequence to mute a mic or make a level adjustment....

It's boggling to think that Gentner sees it any other way.....

At 10:12 AM 3/18/02 , Osland, CD (Chris) wrote:
>In an initial response to my query about APware hogging the CPU
>(original Subject: was something like Display Machine Performance)
>Gentner have got back to me with a comment as follows:
>"One thing that concerns me is it sounds like APWare is being
>used as a real time controller.  It was always designed as a
>configuration help, not a real time controller that would be
>up and running all the time."
>I was wondering whether other AG sites typically have APware
>running all the time or just fire it up when they need to
>change configuration.  I have tended to leave it running so
>that if I want to start a CD feed for audio line-up, or enable or
>disable a mic on the operator's desk, I can.
>I'd be interested in what others do.

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