[AG-TECH] Real Time Music Collaboration

Silvia Monfardini s.monfardini at cineca.it
Mon Mar 11 01:55:50 CST 2002

very very interested...

Jonathan C. Humfrey wrote:

>Very interested...
>On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Ernie Herrera wrote:
>>Suppose I could get a famous Latin jazz percussionist to play over the AG, would
>>anyone be interested?
>>Don Morton wrote:
>>>i, believe it or not, was the lead guitar player
>>>for the famous mid 1970's rock group, "morton-weston
>>>undertow" (sort of a play on the then famous bachman-
>>>turner overdrive).  ok, so i'm lying about famous but,
>>>i did play lead guitar in the group (honestly, we sucked,
>>>but we had fun) and if i can get hold of someone's
>>>electric guitar and amp, would be willing to see what
>>>i can remember :) :)
>>>i think those of us in academia should tour during the
>>>summers - might be easier than writing proposals all
>>>year for summer salaries!!! :)
>>>Rob Ellison-Potter wrote:
>>>>And I am a bass player!!!!!!! I see it now, we can start a virtual band,
>>>>"The Nodes." We could make lotsa money simply b/c touring expenses would be
>>>>really inexpensive :-)
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>>>>>Someone has expressed interest here.  What are the parameters of
>>>>>We have a person who can play banjo, fiddle, flute and basic guitar
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>>>>>I am looking for someone to do a real time music collaboration experiment
>>>>>over the AG.  Is anyone interested?
>>>>>Jonathan Humfrey
>>>   Don Morton                   http://MRoCCS.cs.umt.edu/~morton/
>>>   Department of Computer Science       The University of Montana
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>>Ernest D. Herrera
>>Associate Director
>>High Performance Computing Education and Research Center
>>University of New Mexico

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