[AG-TECH] NT machines

Supreeya Miller Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu
Wed Mar 6 14:52:14 CST 2002

We have a new NT machine (copper) and another one (cobalt) that has just
been freshly set up.

The user accounts on the machines are the following:
	arun 		Arun Rajendran
	csaxon	Chad Saxon
	drunnels	Denise Runnels
	gilliam	Heath Williams-Greenwell
	kevin		Kevin Vaughan
	nughead	Gary Morris
	paulus	Paulus Wahjudi
	yimu		Yi Mu

Please see me for your password.

On cobalt machine, the motherboard is very old; therefore I could not
partition the c drive to be bigger than 2 gigs.  Other extended partition
(E,F,G) could not be partitioned bigger than 4 gigs.  I just want to be sure
that you guys don't install or store your data and files in c drive.  Use
the extended drive for your personal use by creating a directory with the
name the same as your user name and store your personal info there.  If you
want to install a program, please install it in E:\Program File directory.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Denise, please forword the e-mail to students that I missed.  Thank you.

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