[AG-TECH] Recording and Playback software

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jun 26 19:58:26 CDT 2002


I'd be happy to work with you on adding this functionality to our
Voyager Multimedia Server (http://www.mcs.anl.gov/fl/research/voyager).
It's a recording and playback server that currently serves not only the
AG but other purposes as well.

If you are interested drop me a line and let's see if we can figure out
how this would fit.  I have some ideas that might help you.


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> Does anyone have any good recording and playback software for 
> the Access Grid?
> Right now I have tools that capture and record the audio and 
> video into RTP files.  That is working quite well.  
> Then I have Java Media Frameworks based tools that let you 
> play back the video and audio like in a VCR.  It also reads 
> the time stamps and tries to align streams based on time 
> codes. This is a little shaky right now.  Plus I seem to be 
> getting drift in the RTP timestamp within the RTP streams 
> because over time the audio and video drift out of synch.  
> The difference is small as drift does not become noticeable 
> until after an hour.
> In addition I can convert the saved RTP video to quicktime 
> files which I can then combine with the audio as well. These 
> are a bit big; an hour long session of one camera in 
> quicktime is about 500Megabytes.  
> However my Java editor is not as good as I would like,
> I can't do annotating, cut and paste, etc, etc on the
> files.
> So before I write that into it I thought I would check to
> see if anyone has any video manipulation tools that will
> work on RTP streams or files?   I can always use adobe
> premiere for the quicktime stuff but I have to make 
> something that works directly on the RTP data for a project.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> ----
> Steve C.

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