[AG-TECH] Recording and Playback software

Steve Cutchin cutchin at sdsc.edu
Wed Jun 26 16:54:19 CDT 2002

Does anyone have any good recording and playback software for
the Access Grid?

Right now I have tools that capture and record the audio and video
into RTP files.  That is working quite well.  

Then I have Java Media Frameworks based tools that let you play
back the video and audio like in a VCR.  It also reads the
time stamps and tries to align streams based on time codes.
This is a little shaky right now.  Plus I seem to be getting
drift in the RTP timestamp within the RTP streams because over
time the audio and video drift out of synch.  The difference
is small as drift does not become noticeable until after an hour.

In addition I can convert the saved RTP video to quicktime
files which I can then combine with the audio as well.
These are a bit big; an hour long session of one camera in
quicktime is about 500Megabytes.  

However my Java editor is not as good as I would like,
I can't do annotating, cut and paste, etc, etc on the

So before I write that into it I thought I would check to
see if anyone has any video manipulation tools that will
work on RTP streams or files?   I can always use adobe
premiere for the quicktime stuff but I have to make 
something that works directly on the RTP data for a project.

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve C.

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