[AG-TECH] Need assistance June21, 1:30pm cst

Don Lewis djlewis at ualr.edu
Thu Jun 20 12:23:02 CDT 2002

  UALR is the only AG node in Arkansas to date. Tomorrow
at 1:30pm we are showing our node to the University of Arkansas
at Fayetteville and University of Arkansas Medical Sciences.
They are coming to further understand the capabilities of the AG
as they are both in the process of building nodes.
   If a few participants could meet us that would be great.
I can't setup a powerpoint but if it is easy to do I would like
to do that as well. Perhaps a AG tutorial ppt.
I have not tested our University room yet but that or the
test room would be fine.
Please let me know if you can assist.
Thank You,

Don Lewis
AG/VRC/Multimedia operator
Senior Computer Specialist
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
djlewis at ualr.edu
or when I am working in our AG, (501)569-3001 I hang out in the test room.

Don Lewis
Senior Computer Specialist
Graduate Institute of Technology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
voice: (501)569-8016
email: djlewis at ualr.edu

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