[AG-TECH] rat misses heartbeat

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jun 18 11:27:29 CDT 2002

Has this worked in the past?

Does the hostname command return a fully-qualified hostname? Can you ping 
the display machine? Can you ping the audio machine from the display machine?


At 06:14 PM 6/17/2002 -0500, Don Lewis wrote:
>Hello Bob or other techies out there,
>When I launch arm-eventlistener this week I get no
>heartbeat. then it states "missing second heartbeat"
>The light never blinks. I am connected. Display and VIC
>are getting the heartbeat. Rat won't follow display when changing
>I rebooted rat. I added all machines to hosts and networks
>files on display, I re-ran "set-display-machine display.ag.ualr.edu" under
>on rat, when i kill arm-eventlistener and restart it picks up
>whatever room display is in. vic follows display just fine.
>Any suggestions?
>Don Lewis
>UALR, Little Rock, AR.
>Don Lewis
>Senior Computer Specialist
>Graduate Institute of Technology
>University of Arkansas at Little Rock
>voice: (501)569-8016
>email: djlewis at ualr.edu
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