[AG-TECH] rat misses heartbeat

Don Lewis djlewis at ualr.edu
Mon Jun 17 18:14:11 CDT 2002

Hello Bob or other techies out there,

When I launch arm-eventlistener this week I get no
heartbeat. then it states "missing second heartbeat"
The light never blinks. I am connected. Display and VIC
are getting the heartbeat. Rat won't follow display when changing
I rebooted rat. I added all machines to hosts and networks
files on display, I re-ran "set-display-machine display.ag.ualr.edu" under 
on rat, when i kill arm-eventlistener and restart it picks up
whatever room display is in. vic follows display just fine.

Any suggestions?
Don Lewis
UALR, Little Rock, AR.

Don Lewis
Senior Computer Specialist
Graduate Institute of Technology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
voice: (501)569-8016
email: djlewis at ualr.edu

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