[AG-TECH] AG rental

Jeffrey D. Carpenter jeffc at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Jun 26 09:25:25 CDT 2002

We have been asked about this recently too.  We have yet to figure out a 
pricing schedule.

Is there a difference in what you would charge someone from your 
University, as opposed to someone from the surrounding community?


At 09:06 AM 6/26/2002 -0400, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>I'm collecting my thoughts on how we might charge for AG services at BU,
>and am interested in hearing about other people's experience with this.
>I'd like to get a sense of what people are doing with regard to charging
>for use of their AG facilities, both outside and within their
>organizations. Does anybody have a standard price schedule they'd be
>willing to share, or any other information?
>If you're willing to share this one-on-one but are not comfortable
>sending it to the whole mailing list, please respond confidentially to
>me and I'll keep the information private.
>Thanks in advance,

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