Randy Groves randy at redwood.rt.cs.boeing.com
Thu Jan 31 15:29:56 CST 2002

Yep - that did it!  Interestingly, my display monitor is set to 16-bits,
and my video machine is set to 16, but if I use a depth of 16, the window
borders are definitely not at the right bit level, and there are other
weirdnesses, but if I set the depth to 24, then the screen looks just as
it does on the real video machine's screen.  Whose bit-level is being


On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Robert Olson wrote:

> It's probably a server depth thing. Try vncserver -depth 16
> --bob
> At 11:50 AM 1/31/2002 -0800, Randy Groves wrote:
> >Is there a secret tweak to get the video capture machine's VIC to run in 
> >VNC?  I can get the Tk control windows to come up, but the log shows that 
> >the AgVic sub-process dies each tim that it tries to start up the video 
> >capture.  I'm trying to control all the machines from my display box.  I 
> >can get the audio machine to start up in VNC no problem, but not the video.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >-randy

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