[AG-TECH] Lurkers in the venues

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Jan 28 15:14:56 CST 2002

Robert Olson wrote:
> We can turn on security on more (all?) of the rooms, and come up with a way
> for the scheduling folks to set up the APIs.
> And hey, if doing this would get you to write an AGDP on it all the better
> :-).
> Are you submitting an AGDP document on beer selection?

Ya know, the Linux Documentation Project (LDP) has had a HOWTO (or maybe
it was a mini-HOWTO) on coffee for years.  I think that's a great idea - 
let's forge ahead - in fact, sounds like something we can talk about
during our symposium!

Sure glad I got tenure this past year - I have this vision of my CV beginning
to take a turn towards the "more fun."  :)

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